2HHS All 5 JL Hot August Nights Cars (2001-2005) and both GL Hot August Nights (2006-2007)

This set has all 5 Johnny Lightning Hot August Nights Cars (2001 1941 Willys, 2002 1949 Merc, 2003 1941 Woody, 2004 1969 Yenko Camero, 2005 1967 Shelby Mustang, and both Greenlight Hot August Nights Cars 2006 1967 Impala, 2007 1971 426 HEMI Cuda. If you purchase this special for your free gift you may choose from any of the Black Bandits #'s 3-8 or you can pick a second Hot August Nights car... Your Choice. Please specify your choice in the Comment section of your order. This special is the only one that you may substitute a Black Bandit for your free gift. Happy Holidays!

2HHSRegular price: $97.93Sale price: $63.00
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